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ACCLINE Procurement is a module of ACCLINE Business Software Suite that automates the purchasing function of an organization. It supports multi project, multi branch, multi department. It is unparallel supply chain management software in the world. ACCLINE Procurement supports the following steps of procurement process:

  1. Determination of Requirement
  2. Requisition Processing
  3. Source Determination
  4. Vendor selection
  5. Purchase Order processing
  6. PO Monitoring
  7. Goods Receipt
  8. Invoice Verification
  9. Payment


Key Features:

Determination of Requirement:

  • Creation of Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Requisition status.
  • Release (Approval) Strategy.


Source Determination & Vendor Selection:

  • Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • Reference technique in RFQ creation.
  • Price comparison of the quotation (Comparative Statement).


Purchase Order Processing & Monitoring:

  • Reference technique in Purchase Order (PO) creation
  • History of changes in Purchase Order (Change Log).
  • Purchase Order status.
  • Release (Approval) Strategy.


L/C Information Keeping:

  • Request for opening L/C for a requisition
  • Nomination of Insurer
  • Details update of L/C related costs
  • Bill of Entry


Good Receipt:

  • Good Receipt with reference to PO.
  • Material Document and Accounting document creation after posting.
  • Resulting to:        
  • Inventory update
  • Update of GL Accounts
  • Updates in the Purchase Order
  • Update in Material Cost.


Payment Process:

  • Vendor Bill Receive
  • Register and Approval Process
  • Vendor Payment
  • Instant access to details of account balances per Vendor
  • Status of Accounts Payables to Vendor

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